At Dr Jehron Pillay Inc. we understand that a holistic approach to your well being is important to excellent surgical outcomes.  We assist both local and international patients with world class Cardiothoracic surgical services.

"Excellence, respect, dignity and empathy." 

We work with a comprehensive team of specialists in state of the art facilities to ensure that every detail of your preoperative, operative and postoperative stay is carried out flawlessly.

Teamwork is everything and we are grateful to work with team members who treat all our patients with respect, dignity and empathy. 

If you are scheduled for surgery, remember that you are also an important member of the team! The entire team needs to be familiar with all aspects of the procedure and knowing what to expect is a given. This also applies to your family as they are integral to your recovery when you are discharged home.

You will always have a contact person to answer any questions or concerns at all times during your time with us.

Patient Testimonials

"I met Dr Pillay when my husband Michael was admitted to Hillcrest Busamed Private Hospital in September 2020 for a seemingly straight forward procedure, to put in a stent in his heart as he was battling to breathe and was recommended by his GP to see Dr Chhiba for a specialized opinion and ECG. Having been given the all clear from Dr Chhiba that the issue was not his heart, Dr Pillay was consulted as a second opinion and concluded that he in fact had a problem with his lungs. Being that we were in the middle of the Covid pandemic and I was unable to visit Michael in hospital, I at that time had no idea what was wrong with him and why he was now in ICU on a ventilator. Dr Pillay contacted me and asked me to come and see him and this was when I met him for the first time. The minute I met Dr Pillay I felt comfortable with his kind and gentle demeanor, yet admired his approach in explaining to me exactly what was wrong with Michael, showing me all the MRI scans and information he had available. Michael had been diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease, and Dr Pillay was very honest and upfront in telling me the truth about the disease and the prognosis, given that it is a very progressive disease and going to take a long time if ever for Michael to fully recover. He went into detail without scaring me of what the cause of the disease could be, but constantly gave reassurance of a plan and on how Michael would be treated going forward. What I appreciated about Dr Pillay was the way he explain in great detail to me and ensuring I understood the medical terms and he did the same with Michael. He stated upfront that he would be honest about Michael’s illness, but would be their for him until he was well enough to come home. Dr Pillay is a true gentlemen and a medical genius who is approachable and honest and answered my 100’s of questions which I am sure where pretty repetitive, and has helped Michael to get stronger and stronger. We still have a long road ahead of us, but under his guidance and care, Michael can live a good life still, for which I am eternally grateful. Herewith a picture of Michael in his happy place, his garden, which he can now potter around again, taking it slowly one day at a time."
Mr. van Winkel
"I had double bypass surgery in April 2018 at another hospital. In March 2020, I had a nasty fall, which broke my sternum, as well as all the wiring holding the sternum together. My wife and I met Doctor Pillay for the first time, at Hillcrest Hospital. From the second we met doctor, we were impressed with him. He listened attentively to everything we had to say. He ordered a range of tests, scans and x-rays. Upon receiving all of the results he explained every single process, in laymen’s terms, so I could understand the full extent of the injury, as well as what his plans were to fix it. Doctor Pillay is patient, caring, shows immense empathy and is an ultimate professional. We have grown to love Doctor as not only the best doctor we have ever met, but also as a friend. Doctor Pillay saved my life in more ways than he can ever imagine and I will forever be grateful to him. I can recommend Doctor to anybody who has to undergo heart surgery."
Andries Naude
"Dear Doc. Firstly I would like to express my deepest gratitude for everything that you have done for me before, during and after my surgery. Thank You Doc for your kindness, sincere caring and encouragement.I have recovered well, my incisions healed very well and I appreciate all the advise and tips you have given me. You are very skilled at what you do and may you continue to be a blessing to others through your profession. Thank you for your caring hands and kind gestures"
Mr Dhookraj Hardeyal
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